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Repti One Thermostat Ezi Stat

Repti One Thermostat Ezi Stat

Reptile One

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Maintaining suitable heating in for reptiles is key to their longevity. The Reptile One Ezistat Thermostat unit allows you to accurately control the temperature inside yourreptiles enclosure. The Ezistat is easy to use and suitable for controlling up to a maximum of 400 watts to various heat sources including heat lamps and heat mats.
The Reptile One Ezi Stat will self regulate the temperature that you set regardless of ambient room temperature. It will cover a temperature rangebetween 10 – 35°C within +/- 0.5°C accuracy.
Easy for beginners. Simply plug in, adjust to desired temperature and set.
Compact design with LCD display
400 watt socket
For more information on keeping reptiles as pets, check out our Pet Care Guide

Suitable for: Reptiles and Frogs