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What is the best dog brush?

The best way to overcome shedding in your pet.

Shedding is a natural occurrence in your pet, your aim should be to manage it as even the heaviest shedders can be kept under control by a regular schedule of combing and brushing. In many cases, a few minutes a week is all takes although this will vary from breed to breed. Some breeds lose so much hair when they shed that their owners have even been known to make wool out of it and knit jumpers! 
4 great tips to socialising your puppy

4 great tips to socialising your puppy

The socialising window is when pups are between the age of 3-20 weeks. This is the most effective time to help puppies learn how to relate appropriately to people and other animals.  There is nothing too difficult about socialising a puppy.  You simply need to expose your puppy to new experiences and people in a safe supported way.
World Cat Day - August 8 2018 - We Know Pets

World Cat Day

Fun Cat Facts!

  • Cats purr around 26 cycles per second and studies have shown that purring aids cats in healing from injuries.
  • A cats sense of smell is not as refined as that of dogs but that have an additional organ called the Jacobson's organ, located in the upper surface of the mouth. This organ assists with their sense of smell.  One of the reason that cats may be become fussy eaters is because the Jacobsons’ organ can become sensitised to particular food sensations.
  • Cats are very athletic and can jump up to seven times their height.
  • The heart of a cat beats at about 110 to 140 beats per minute. That’s  twice as fast as the human heart.
  • Cats are capable of about 100 different vocalizations, compared to about 10 for dogs.

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