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Fun Facts about Rabbits!

10 Fun Facts about Rabbits - We Know Pets!

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets to own in Australia. What's not to love about these domesticated creatures, some of these facts about rabbits will highlight their popularity in the world of pets!


  1. Rabbits are social animals that need to live together in groups. Keeping more than one rabbit will ensure that your pet is enriched with good company and mental well being.
  2. Speaking of social groups, the collective term for a group of domestic rabbits is known as a herd, a colony,  a fluffle  and even a berry, according to the Australian Macquarie Dictionary!
  3. On average, a rabbit will live for between 6-12 years. Mick the pet Rabbit from IllinMick the oldest living rabbit!ois, USA, has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the oldest rabbit.
  4. Rabbit's teeth grow continuously! This is why rabbits love to chew & need lots of chew toys, mineral chews,  hard vegetables as well as their
    daily diet of oaten hay & rabbit pellets.
  5. A young rabbit is known as a 'kit', a female is known as a 'doe' and a male rabbit a 'buck'.
  6. Rabbits can reproduce easily! A doe will gestate for 28-31 days and have a litter of around 14 kittens.
  7. One of their best features are their ears. This is not just because they look good, a rabbit uses their ears for hearing when a predator is close by. They can in fact turn their ears up to 180 degrees!
  8. When a rabbit jumps and kicks it's feet up they are happy. This expression is known as a 'binky' and is a natural behaviour.
  9. Rabbits can be toilet trained! Another reasRabbits make clean pets, they are easy to toilet trainon why rabbits make terrific pets and this makes them ideal house pets. Rabbits like to keep clean and will readily use an indoor cat litter tray in their enclosure.
  10. Rabbits in the wild live in burrows. Our modern day domestic relatives stillRabbit Igloo's, a modern day warren! enjoy the creature comforts of living in a warren or den only we use & refer to these as rabbit igloos or hides. They are easy to pop into their enclosure & provides them with the same environment as living in a warren!








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