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Repti One Heat Cord 15W 2mtr Terraheat 240V Black W/Proof

Repti One Heat Cord 15W 2mtr Terraheat 240V Black W/Proof

Reptile One

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Reptile One’s TerraHeat Heating Cables are made from high quality, flexible, soft silicone and are completely waterproof. Available in 4 different wattages and lengths, there is a heat cable to suit a wide variety of applications ranging from large breeder racks through to internal installation inside a terrarium.

Unlike other heat cables which are round cables, the TerraHeat cables are a flatter, ribbon-shaped cable, providing a more stable and wider surface area which is designed to sit flush when installed into routed channels in wooden racks or cabinets.

The TerraHeat heating cable is the perfect solution for those cold winter days and will ensure your pet reptiles are kept warm and toasty!

Features & Benefits:

Blends into the decor of any terrarium
Different sizes available to suit your needs
Flexibility allows you to have heat exactly where you want!
Silicone cables are very safe!

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