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PURRfect Crazy Krinkle Cat Toy
PURRfect Crazy Krinkle Cat Toy

PURRfect Crazy Krinkle Cat Toy

Purrfect Cat

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Get ready for hours of fun, interactive play with your cat! The PURRfect Crazy Krinkle cat dangler toy is durable and sturdy in its design, allowing for maximum enjoyment to be had by all. The natural feathers entice your cat to hone in on their instinctive hunting and playing behaviors, while the tear resistant crunchies are an added element of fun, making this the perfect cat toy for exercise as well as enriching their environment and stimulating their mind.
Having the feather dangle attach straight to the end of the long, flexible wand increases your level of control and accuracy during play and doubles the life of this cat toy with feathers, no more broken/bitten strings to worry about!
To keep your cat extra interested, this toy should be put away after each use.