Prime Lamb & Rosemary Roll 2kg

Prime Lamb & Rosemary Roll 2kg

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Serve your dog the freshly cooked single protein style of food with our range of completely balance nutritional rolls. Grain free, gluten free and made with human grade ingredients. Unlike traditional mixed protein foods, this range can assist with food sensitivities and intolerances.
Lamb and Rosemary roll is made with 100% Australian lamb, rosemary, potato, flaxseed oil, and vitamins and minerals to provide a rich single source of protein which can assist dogs with food sensitivities.
Created for working dogs, active dogs and puppies that have higher energy requirements. A rich source of calcium, the rosemary is an important natural ingredient that assists with digestion, muscle pain as well as being beneficial to the immune and circulatory system. Rosemary is also a good source of Iron, calcium and Vitamin B6. The Lamb in this product also contains a rich natural source of natural Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Calcium to assist dogs with joint, oral and bone support.

Lamb, potato starch, rosemary, vitamins, minerals, flaxseed oil, psyllium husk, sunflower oil, salt, natural digestive enzymes, celery seed powder.

Feeding Guide:
200g for every 10kg of dogs body weight.
Once opened please use within 7-10 days.