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Pet One Carrier Small Animal 33L X 25.5D X 22.5cm

Pet One Carrier Small Animal 33L X 25.5D X 22.5Cm

Pet One

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There are times when you need to take your small animal out and about. Whether it's a play date at friend's house, going on holidays or a check-up at the vet. You want to make sure they travel comfortably and safely.

The Pet One Small Animal Carrier is specifically designed for transporting small animals. It is made from durable plastic with many air vents to ensure your pet remains cool and comfortable.

The top and bottom detach quickly and easily for cleaning and the transparent hinged lids makes placing and removing the animal from the enclosure safe and easy. It is sturdy and requires no tools to put it together.

Size 33cm width x 25cm Depth x 22cm High