Oliver Knott Plant Laterite 2L

Oliver Knott Plant Laterite 2L


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From the Oliver Knott range of aquascaping products, Plant Laterite is a dual purpose substrate. Rich in minerals, the laterite can be used as a fertilizer in conjuction with the Oliver Knott range of substrates such as AquaEarth, Scoria and Iron Sand. It can also be used just as a substrate.

Instructions for use:
-Due to the clay composition, always rinse the substrate gently in a colander or sieve. Some red clay will come away, it is important not to over-do-it.

-Add the laterite to the base of your aquarium & place a dinner plate on top before adding the water. This will prevent the water from disturbing the substrate as your fill up your aquarium.

-For planted aquariums, fill aquarium 3-4cm above the substrate to make easier.

-Use a scraper or ruler to level the surface, or if desired create gradients with the pant laterite.

-Slowly fill your aquarium after planting.

-Allow your filtration to remove any clay from the water over the course of a few days. Any cloudiness will eventually settle.

-Suitable for freshwater aquariums, paludarium and tropical terrariums.

-Not suitable for strong burrowing fish or use with aquarium vacuum cleaners.