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Kazoo Mobile Home Crate Medium

Kazoo Mobile Home Crate Medium


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The Kazoo Mobile Home range of crates are delux in design, comfort and durabilty. Ideal for dog owners who like to 'crate' their dogs at night, for convalescing & or dog shows.
When not in use, the crate is collapsable to enable easy storage.
Smooth powder coating and easy access via the front and side of this pen. Tough, easy-to-clean plastic base tray just needs a comfy crate mat or bed to complete!

Available in:

Length: 61cm
Width: 46cm
Height: 53cm

Length: 76cm
Width: 53cm
Height: 61cm

Length: 91cm
Width: 61cm
Height: 69cm

Length: 110cm
Width: 71cm
Height: 79cm

Length: 122cm
Width: 76cm
Height: 84cm