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Fluval Co2 20 Kit 20gm

Fluval Co2 20 Kit 20gm


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For lush, healthy plant growth Co2 is an essential supplement and is applied easily to your aquarium through this kit.
The Fluval® Pressurised Co2 Kit is the ideal CO2 system. Co2 is required for plants to takeup nutrient for growth and vigour.
The Fluval® Pressurized CO2 20 Kit comes with a 20-gram cartridge and is ideal for small planted aquariums up to 57 litres

This kit contains:
Disposable CO2 cartridge (20 g)
Regulator valve with gauge for the effective control of CO2 output
CO2 ceramic diffuser that efficiently dissolves CO2 in aquarium water
Bracket to securely install the cartridge to the side of the aquarium
Hose that connects the diffuser to the regulator