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Doog Walkie Belt Camo

Doog Walkie Belt Camo


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One of our favourites, the Doog Walkie Belt is a comfy accessory that you won't even realise your wearing until you need something from inside! The range of Doog Walkie belts allow you to enjoy your time outdoors with your dog hands free!
The belt features:

-A comfortable and adjustable fit - from 70cm - 130cm
-Zipped compartment for coffee money, keys and other valuables
-Open pouch for quick access, perfect for your mobile phone
-Storage section containing 30 Doog clean up bags
-Velcro for holding a tennis ball (Genius!)
-Water proof fabric
-2 sturdy carabineerss for attaching your dog or full clean up bags to

Colour:Green Camo