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Catit Delux Hooded Litter Tray

Catit Delux Hooded Litter Tray


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In a world of cat litter trays, the Catit Delux Hooded Litter Tray is the ultimate. Not only will it contain the mess that is flicked and tracked by your cat, it reduces odour from drifting through other areas of your house!
Handle for easy maintenance, door for privacy and odour control this cat litter box also has a functional filter in the top!
Hood can be unclipped for cleaning and refilling. Made from BPA materials your cat won't be the only one who loves this hooded kitty litter tray!

Dimension 57cm L x 47cm H x 39cm W

*Don't forget to add the 10 pack Catit Biodegradable Litter Tray Liners & the 2 pack replacement Carbon Cartridge to you cart!