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Bravecto Flea & Tick 20-40Kg 1Pk Chewable

Bravecto Flea & Tick 20-40Kg 1Pk Chewable


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The Bravecto Chewable tablet is an effective treatment against fleas and ticks (including paralysis tick, bush tick and brown dog tick) in dogs. They are easy to administer as the tasty chew is readily accepted by most dogs.

It should not be used on puppies less than 8 weeks of age or weighing less then 2kg and can safely be used on pregnant and lactating bitches.

It is best to weigh your dog to ensure that the appropriate size product is chosen for its weight range. Your pet should consume the whole chew and it is best given at or around feeding time.

When treating fleas, it quickly kills newly hatched adults before they can lay eggs and it has also been proven to effectively control flea dermatitis allergies. As a flea treatment, one chew is effective for 3 months. Although fleas are most prevalent in warmer months, year-round treatment is essential to prevent potential reinfestation.

Best practice is to treat all animals in the house with an appropriate treatment including cats and pet rabbits.
NB. Bravecto Chewable tablets are only suitable for use with dogs. Contact your vet or pet store for products that are safe and suitable for use on rabbits and cats.

As a tick treatment, Bravecto chewable tablets will treat and control Brown Dog tick for 2months, Bush ticks for 2 months and paralysis tick for 4 months. We highly recommend daily searching for ticks on your dog even when they are on a tick treatment.

Bravecto chewable tablets have also been proven to effectively treat and control ear mites and sarcoptic mange in a single treatment. Scarcoptic mange is most common in rural areas where foxes and wombats are present.

The active ingredient Fluralaner has been proven to be effective on fleas that are resistant to fipronil based flea control products.