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Aussie Lint Roller Large 2

Aussie Lint Roller Large 2

Aussie Lint Roller

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As pet owners we often see pet fur accumulating on clothes, in the car, on furniture, bedding and anywhere in the house!
The best way of removing pet hair from clothes, furniture, the car, bedding and other places is to use the Aussie Lint Roller.
A fast and simple process that is effective in collecting pet hair, lint dust, sand, dandruff, glass fragments, food crumbs and even that tissue that goes through the wash! So many applications from this one product.
Simply roll the super adhesive roller over the area to collect debris. Tear and dispose of this sheet and your lint roller is ready to use again next time.
Keep your lint roller in the container when not in use.
Perfect for the laundry, car, kitchen cupboard, office drawer or locker.
Large in size containing 90 adhesive sheets.