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Aqua One Ecoscape Medium Ambulia Green

Aqua One Ecoscape Medium Ambulia Green

Aqua One

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There is always opportunity for aquascaping your aquarium with the easiest kinds of plants to keep! Of course we are talking about the artificial kind.
These plants are realistic looking, low maintenance, non toxic and will always look good. Ambulia is a popular aquarium plant and no one will ever know this one is artifiicial!
They will provide interest to your aquarium and provide hides and enrichment for fish. Plant on mass with different sized groupings for impact in your aquarium.
They are easy to clean, just clean off any algae whn doing your regular water change or whenever needed.

A great variety of sizes, colours and shapes available to suit any aquarium.
Suitable For: Betta Tanks, Coldwater, Tropical & Marine.

Small 20cm
Medium 30cm