What is the best cat litter for indoor cats?

If you have a cat then you’ll more than likely need to clean out its tray, but with so many litters to choose from which is best suited to your cat?  Cats are creatures of habit, and litter is no exception. One of the reasons that cats toilet outside of their tray often has to do with the cleanliness and type of litter in the tray. Whether your cat is a kitten from a breeder, or a rescue cat from a shelter ask what litter the cat is currently using and continue with this for the first week or so while cat settles into the new house.  Then you can look at options that best suit your circumstances. There are three primary types of litter, clumping, crystals and biodegradables.  

Clumping litters are traditionally made from clay, although there are now some made from corn and soy. As the name suggests, these form clumps when they come into contact with cat faeces or urine.  These clumps can be removed from the tray leaving clean dry litter behind.  The litter is then topped up with fresh litter to replace what is removed and the entire tray cleaned every 2 weeks. Clumping litters track a little on the bottom of the cat’s paws and one of their few draw backs is that they are heavy to lug around. There are several litter trays on the market that will separate clumping litter in the tray so you don’t need to touch it!

Crystal litters are made from a natural mineral called silica gel (found in small bags in shoe boxes to prevent moisture build up) which is a desiccant in that it adsorbs and holds water vapor. Silica litters are popular because of their excellent odour control and moisture retention that lasts for several weeks.  Only the faeces needs to be removed and the tray and topped up.  It can be used in normal litter trays and is available for use in self-cleaning litter trays as well. It also tracks minimally so it is good for around the house.

Biodegradables include litters made from sawdust, recycled paper, soy or corn.   These are lightweight and can be flushed down the toilet.  They are usually cheaper to buy but need to be changed on a more frequent basis as they not effective with regard to odour and moisture control.

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