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Raw Diets are they just another fad?

I have been involved with pets for over 20 years and have seen many changes and trends in that time.  When it comes to feeding dogs, one of the more recent trends is a movement back to raw diets. An Aussie vet Dr Ian Billinghurst is credited with developing the raw diet movement as far back as 1993. He called this the BARF diet, an acronym for Bones and Raw Food.

 Dogs on this diet are fed raw ingredients including meaty bones, organ meat, vegetables, eggs, fruit and some dairy, The theory behind it is that dogs would thrive because this diet was based on foods dogs ate prior to domestication. Supporters of raw food diets cite health improvements including healthy skin and coat, reduced dental issues and firmer stools.

 Although the idea of  a raw natural diet sounds good in principle, there are several studies that have been published in vet journals that outline risks that are associated with this diet when not fed correctly. Two primary risks including creating a diet that is unbalanced for the age of the pet and potential food poisoning from the incorrect handling of raw ingredients. 

 Initially, raw diets are best suited to healthy adult dogs; if your dog has any ongoing health issues then you should consult your vet prior to switching. Those new to raw diets should use one that provides a nutritional analysis of the food on the packaging and exercise the same level of care and attention as  if they were handling raw ingredients that they are preparing for their own consumption.

 Over the last 8 years, a small family owned pet food company called The Right Start Pet Food has been developing a raw diet for dogs. They looked at the science of pet nutrition when developing their formulation and after years of trialling, produced a formula that tastes great, whilst ensuring that the dog would obtain all the essentials nutrients to stay fit and healthy.

 Paleo for Dogs, available in store

The ingredient list of Paleo for Dogs includes -   salmon meat and bone, kangaroo offal, kangaroo meat and bone, baked sweet potato, alfalfa, gention, kelp, chia, St Mary's thistle, garlic, celery seed, sunflower seeds and livamol.

 How much to feed depends on age, weight, breed, sex, life stage, and even reproduction and activity levels. Importantly,  it is the only raw pet food in Australia with a Certificate of Typical Nutritional Analysis Report to have Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9.  More information can be found at the The Right Start Pet Food specialists.

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