Our top 10 toys for Small Animals

Guinea Pigs, rabbits, rats, mice & even ferrets are among a growing number of A Frame Hutch - We Know Petspopular pets in Australia. It’s easy to get the basics sorted for your small pet but what should pet owners do about maintaining the mental & physical enrichment of these little guys?
It helps us as pet owners to understand the natural behaviours of these creatures to know why it is important to supply them with the correct enrichment experiences. For example, in nature rabbits love to burrow, this allows them to nest, feel safe & protected. Physically, allowing your rabbit to burrow supports muscle growth & development as well as maintaining some basic health principles such as keeping their claws short from digging!

Number 10 – The Hay and Pellet feeder

Learn more about the Hay & Pellet Feeder hereWhat you feed your small animal is just as important as how you do it. This manger allows you to keep a constant supply of oaten hay as well as a nutrient dense pellet to your rabbit or guinea pig. You can even add fresh hard vegetables to the bottom of this feeder.
Hay is vital for the high fiber demands these pets have. By placing it in the hay feeder, your pet will have to work hard to pull it out, a process that much like in nature, these animals spend much of their time doing.


Number 9 - Sea Grass Tunnel

Ferrets, rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs love hiding, sleeping & playing in a tunnIt's easy to Improve the quality of life for your pocket pets!el. The Sea grass tunnel is made from natural sea grass, these tunnels are 100% safe & non toxic, no staples or glues or wire used. You will find these tunnels in three sizes to suit pocket pets such as mice & rats through to larger size small animals such as guinea pigs. This range is an affordable way of making a simple lifestyle improvement to your pet!




Number 8 - Pet One Tunnel and  Burrow

Burrows - suitable for all small animals!
Allowing small animals to play roam through burrows allows them to use their whiskers to gauge the width & dimensions of spaces. A natural behaviour that our domesticated friends have missed out on until now.
The Pet One Tunnel is available in two different sizes depending on the type of small animal and the large size is known as the Pet One Rabbit Burrow. 

All of the tunnels are suitable for other small animals & can be twisted into a range of different configurations. They have the ability to join together for the ultimate maze type burrow too!


Number 7 - Pet One Small Animal Hide Plastic Igloo

Pet One Small Animal HidesAs a prey animal, guinea pigs, rabbits & ferrets feel safe & secure when they have a hide to retreat into. The Pet One Small Animal Igloo is the ideal hiding den for your pet. The igloo has no base, allowing you to place it over a bed of hay to evoke the natural instinctive behaviour of nesting. This behaviour will allow your pet to settle in their den feeling content, safe, warm & secure.
Another considerable feature of these Pet One Small Animal Igloo's is that they are easy to clean (made from non toxic plastic) & are available in two sizes medium & large.




Number 6 - The Edible Play Shack

Learn more about the edible play shack here!A small animal version of a Hansel & Gretel House only this one won't see them caught by a mischievous witch. The shack is 100% edible & is suitable for your pet to rest or have a chew on! Ideal for encouraging the natural behaviour of gnawing & a great way to help keep those teeth trimmed.
Made with edible wood, vegetable extracts and alfalfa. - No artificial colours.

Number 5 - Edible Play Log

Another 100% edible Product. The log acts as a safe hide for your pet to rest or have a chew on! Ideal for encouraging the natural behaviour of gnawing & a great way to help keep those teeth trimmed. It also provides them with a sense of security as although our small animals have been domesticated, they are still hard wired as a prey animal & will seek out a safe den when feeling threatened.
Important to note, only ever provide your pet with toys for chewing on that are made with edible wood. Like the play shack, this hide log is edible & includes vegetable extracts and alfalfa.  No artificial colours.

Number 4 – Maze A Log Treat Challenge

Maze a Log We Know Pets

A  relatively new product on the market, this puzzle toy for small animals,  features assorted sizes of corrugated cardboard logs mounted on a thick 30 x 30cm board. Created to occupy small animals, this toy will become  a popular ‘boredom breaking’ feeding challenge for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and even ferrets.
Fill the empty hollows with treats or fresh fruit or vegetables.



Number 3 - Loofa Hoola

Coloured with safe edible food based dyes, this toy is a lot of fun! Think of this toy as the total gym for small animals! Again, this one serves 2 purposes. Great for fitness as well as the dental care of your pet.  It provides a tactile experience for your pet through the use of natural loofahs – great for dental health keeping those growing teeth in check! It is designed to hang in your pet's enclosure so that they need to jump or stand on their hind legs to use it. As it moves about, your pet will be forced to balance &  turn on muscles they may not have used before!

Number 2 – Banana Leaf Carrot Stuffer

Banana Leaf Chew & Play toy for Small Animals
This fun carrot shaped toy is designed for small animals to play with as well as chew.
Once the natural corn leaf stuffing has been removed you can fill the carrot with your pet's favourite treats for an added challenge!

Made from only 100% natural materials, this toy is an easy one to add to your pet's enclosure & is made from tough woven banana leaf.
Suitable for rats, mice, guinea pigs & rabbits.


Number 1 - Shred A Log

There are several reasons why we've given first place to this toy. Made from corrugated cardboard this tunnel will provide your small animal with both a hide & a chew toy!
Its dual purpose has made this toy a contender in the top 5 best toys for small animals. The purposeful design will most definitely improve the quality of life for your pet. Allowing your pet to shred, mimicking nesting behaviours as well as gnaw, gets our approval on the mental as well as the physical enrichment aspects. Owners can fill the tunnel with treats or hay & watch the fun your pet will have. 

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