Finally a plant that you can’t over water!

Got a brown thumb? Are you a convicted plant killer? If you look the wrong way at plant does it start to curl up its toes?  If this sounds like you, then there is good news.  Water plants are as close to indestructible as plants come.  As long as you keep them wet, they will not only grow but thrive.  That’s right you can’t over water them because they love to have wet feet!

There’s more to water plants than just lilies and Iris.

When most people think water plants, they picture floating lilly pads with bright flowers or stunning blues and purples of Iris flowers.  Although these look great, there are many other types of water plants.  There are edible varieties that can go in salads like water mint or in Asian dishes like water chestnuts.

There are native marginal plants that provide shelter and encourage frogs to come to your pond.  There are other floating plants that provide cover for your fish and even oxygenating plants that keep the water healthy for the fish.

Will water plants only grow in a pond?

You won’t need the pond from Monet’s garden to grow water plants.  Any container that holds water is suitable for a water plant.  Simply leave the plant in it's pot and place it in the container. Examples include old baths, glazed pots or urns and even old galvanised tins can look great.  The container can be filled with decorative gravel and then water added to prevent stagnant water from developing.

Where should you place the plants?

Different plants live at different depths in your pond so no matter how large or small your pond is, there will be plant to suit.  Plants can also be stood on bricks or pavers in the pond to get them to the correct water level.  Alternatively many of the plants can mounted into floating rings so the depth of the water won't be problem in.

How many plants should you have?

You can never have too many plants in a pond but as a general rule if you want to have fish living in your pond,  you should allow the following for ever square metre of your pond.

 3 oxygenating plants to keep oxygen levels  high  for your fish
Examples include-Brahmi, Ludwigia and Bacopa
 2 marginal plants to provide habitat for frogs
Examples include-Iris, Frog Grass and Tassel Cord Rush
1 floating plant to provide cover for fish from birds
Examples include water lillies, nymphodies and Nardoo.


There are so many water plants to choose from and if you keep in mind if they are wet then they will be healthy and happy so now any gardener can have a green thumb.

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