Easter safety tips for your pet

Raisins & Sultanas are toxic to our pets!

Easter is a time of celebration for many cultures. Easter in Australia is recognised with a long weekend where many families come together to celebrate and that often includes our furry friends. Easter egg hunts, special foods and plenty of chocolate are tradition during this time. We must consider our pets when we are indulging as even small quantities of these foods could be catastrophic to our pets.

Here are a few tips to remember at Easter to keep our pets healthy.

Are Easter eggs safe for my dog to eat?

No, chocolate contains some caffeine and a compound known as theobromine, both are toxic to dogs and cats.  It also contains sugar or xylitol, a common artificial sweetener, these are not good for pets. These ingredients can increase the heart rate of your pet and over stimulate their central nervous system. Even a small amount can be fatal to some pets.

Chocolate Easter Eggs are Toxic to pets

Hot cross buns contain sultanas and raisins, both of these ingredients are toxic to pets and can cause kidney problems.

What are the signs of chocolate toxicity in dogs and cats?

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Panting or rapid breathing
  • Muscle tremours
  • Seizures

If your pet displays any symptoms, contact your vet immediately. Make note of how much chocolate they have eaten and the type of chocolate, ie, milk, white or dark.

Our top tips for keeping your pets safe this Easter:

    1. Count the chocolate Easter eggs before the egg hunt. Make sure they are all found
    2. Keep your pets away while the egg hunt is happening. Perhaps hold this in the front yard while the dog is secure in your backyard
    3. Keep hot cross buns and chocolate eggs away from pets
    4. Feed your pets before you eat to ensure they don't have their own scavenger hunt with your food scraps
    5. Store any left over food and  Easter eggs in containers with lids
    6. Make sure that you have a lid on your bin if you have pets that are tempted by the rubbish
    7. Have some pet friendly treats on hand for your pet such as carob

Preventing Easter 'mishaps' will ensure that your pet enjoys the festive time with you. While Easter is a time for sharing, have some pet safe treats ready for your pets to share and enjoy.

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