Don’t let your pet play the perfect host to fleas this season!

Fleas are bad news for your pet as they scratch and bite to relieve themselves from the itch. Fleas can also spread tapeworm to your pet so protecting your pet against fleas is very important. They can also be bad news for humans because they can infest our homes breeding in the carpet and biting us as well.

 Your pet is like a meeting place for fleas. On your pet, they feed and can mate, but after this, the female leaves your pet and lays her eggs in the surrounding areas. When they hatch, they feed on the excreta of the adult fleas before maturing themselves, and then the whole cycle starts again.  Pets are not only irritated by the fleabites but some are also allergic to the saliva of the fleas resulting in flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).

 Start by ensuring that the grass around your home is kept mowed, as long grass can harbor fleas.  If your pet has outdoor bedding, such as a hessian bed, replace it with one of the nylon beds as hessian is like a magnet for fleas. Wash bedding regularly and use a spray such as environmentally safe Fido’s spray around beds and kennels or other areas that your pet may spend large amounts of time.

 In the past, we had to wait for the fleas to appear on the dog or the cat before we could treat them with a flea control product such as powder or sprays.  Modern flea control products known as “spot on” products are applied to the skin of the animal between the shoulder blades. In simple terms, the applied solution will travel through the oil glands in the skin of your dog or cat, providing complete coverage for the animal from nose to tail!  Your pet does not even need to be bitten by the flea for it to be effective as fleas need only come into contact with the pet and they will be killed. Washing your pet will not interfere with the effectiveness of the product. Chewable  meat flavoured tablets are also a simple method to use for your dog. These products last for a month and by starting now, the flea breeding cycle will be well and truly broken. It is recommended that you use these products every month without a break, as we all know, prevention is the best cure!

My favourite of all of the spot on products is Nexgaurd Spectra because not only will it treat fleas but it will also treat heartworm, ticks (including paralysis), lice, ear mites and most intestinal worms.  Revolution  is especially popular with cat owners, as it means no more fighting to give your cat a worm tablet every few months for worms whilst treating fleas at the same time.

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