5 easy things you can do to reduce your pets carbon pawprint!

Ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu famously said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. As individuals, all our small steps together could have a massive impact on slowing the rate of climate change and harm we are doing to the environment of our planet. Often it can seem so overwhelming that it is hard to know where to start. If you own a dog, we know you love animals so here are 5 easy things you can do as part of pet ownership that quite literally will help save the planet.


  • Look for durable dog toys

We all know how much dogs love toys, the squeaking, the crunching the thrashing about and when we are buying them, the last thing on our mind is  the material that they are made from.  Dogs are hard on toys so you should inspect them regularly for damage that could pose health issues for your dog. If small pieces start breaking off they should be thrown away. This is where the problem starts as many are made of plastics that can take many years to breakdown and simply end up in landfill.

To reduce this problem, look for strong durable toys. These are usually made of nylon and some can even last the lifetime of your dog. Some toys have a chew rating on the side, the higher the rating the stronger the toy. Choose toys made from material that breaks down in the environment quickly and easily.  These include cotton rope toys; toys made of jute and also crunch toys that contain recycled P.E.T bottles inside them.

  •  Ditch the doggy clothes

Dogs haveShop the Aussie made range of Choozy Dog Coats their own clothes known as fur and it looks great! Sure dressing dog up as Superman occasionally is fun, but in all likely hood, these outfits are made from synthetic materials and have most likely been manufactured overseas so they have a large carbon footprint in getting to you. You might only use the outfit once and be done with it.

Dressing up your dog may also lead to skin irritations and could also easily overheat your pet. Of course, some dogs need a coat in winter for those early morning walks...let's face it, we still need to be practical here! Look for coats made of natural fibres like wool or cotton and choose a high-quality coat that will last many seasons rather than a cheap one that could last just one or two seasons and then take years to breakdown in landfill.


  • Walk your dog more

We love to have our dog with us, they sleep in our bed, sit in the lounge room of

Plant based pet compostable dog waste bags

a night and even go on a trip to the shops in our car. Instead of driving, why not just walk with the dog? Your dog will love the stimulation (it’s the very best thing you can do for dogs physical and mental health and its pretty handy for yours as well) and there is no impact on greenhouse emissions as opposed to driving somewhere. Don't forget your Pet waste bags - made from plant material, not fossil fuels, these can breakdown in your home compost!


  • Keep the collar

 Every dog should have a collar (it’s the law in many states!). When choosing a

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collar, why not consider leather rather than synthetic nylons. The collar will eventually breakdown and even the metal in the buckle can be recycled.  If you are choosing collars that are synthetic, choose a quality collar with quality fittings that should last the life of your dog. If your dog's collar is looking a little shabby but is safe and functional, think of it as a reminder of you both leading a full and adventurous life.



  • Limit the food packaging

Dry dog food comes in plastic bags to protect and keep the food from spoiling.  They only problem is that these plastic bags and take up to 1000 years to breakdown. At present, there are few alternatives to this & many still need the single-use plastic for freshness. 

Our Swap & Go Man's Best grain free premium dog food comes in reusable plastic barrels, designed to outlive your dog.  We call it the circular economy.  Zero plastic waste and a smaller carbon footprint as well as being an Aussie made food right here in NSW!

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