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Egg Tech 24 Egg Full Auto Incubator

Egg Tech 24 Egg Full Auto Incubator

River Systems

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he River Systems Digital 24 Egg Full Auto Incubator is the best incubator for beginners or advanced breeders. The egg incubator features:

-Automatic egg turning which is gradual to increase the hatch rate and eggs are turned every 2 hours
-Inspection window: the lid is equipped with two inspection windows that allow the user to follow all the stages of the incubation from the outside
-Tilting tray: the eggs to be incubated are placed in a tray with a tilting cell system. The oscillation of the tray is manually adjusted using the egg turning key
-Alveolus system: the particular shape of each single egg holder allows you to house both small eggs (up to 4 quail-type eggs) and large eggs (up to goose eggs)
-Hatching grid: the grid is an accessory included in the incubator that allows the eggs to hatch in the last phase of the incubation
-Vents: the external vents are used to fill the water trays without opening the incubator, thus avoiding the dispersion of heat and humidity
-Digital display: allows you to adjust the temperature from 30 ° C to 40 ° C (with a temperature probe with variations of 0.1 ° C) simply by pressing the + and – keys.
Capacity is up to 24 medium/large eggs or 96 small eggs (e.g. quail)

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