You don’t need to build Alcatraz to keep your dog in the yard!

Alcatraz was a high security prison located on an island in San Francisco Bay. Owing to its location and its high security it was thought to be escape proof. However this did not stop some 29 inmates attempting to escape from the prison.

In the 70’s lots people just allowed their dogs to roam around the streets and often different dogs would visit different houses throughout the neighbourhood.  Of course these days owners where ever possible do their best to keep their dogs contained within their yard.  It is both safer for the dog and of course safer for the community.  In fact many states of Australia have penalties that can be costly if your dog escapes on top of the added worry associated with a missing dog.

There are many reasons that your pet may escape and some breeds such as scent hounds and terriers are more likely to escape because we breed them to chase and find things.  Dogs may also escape because they are bored or simply need more exercise.

The traditional way to keep a dog in the yard is to build a physical barrier such as fencing around the property and in the majority of cases this is very successful.  There are situations where this fencing is either not enough or too expensive given the size of the property.

In the short term, dogs can be tied out on a tie stake and cable.  These are simply screwed into the ground and cable with a clip at both ends attached to the dog and the other attached to the stake. Always ensure that your dog cannot become tangled around objects, has shelter and water available if using a tie out cable. Tie out cables are are also great if you go camping.

If you need a long term solution that still allows your dog move around the property, then you should consider installing a containment systems.  The system works by producing a radio signal through wire that goes around the perimeter of your property.  This wire sends a signal to a receiver collar that your pet wears. 

As your dog approaches the boundary, it will hear a warning beep that lets it know it’s close to the boundary of your property.  If it ventures further, then it receives quick static correction. Dogs find this uncomfortable and quickly learn to stay with in the area.  Only if the dog goes past the warning zone does it receive the correction. The system is effective with dogs of all sizes as long as they are above 3kg in weight and training is simple, just 5- 10 minutes a day for 10 days.

There are systems that can cover areas up to 10 acres, systems that are completely water proof if you have dams or pools and the wire can be attached to an existing fence line or buried to protect it from damage.  

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