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Secure your dog with the only Australian Road Tested Car Restraint
    National Road Safety Week commences  May 15 this year. This week is used to encourage road users to pledge to drive with care & consideration, with a focus on  speed, trauma, remembrance of lives lost, car safety & pedestrian safety. This made us think about our own four-legged precious passengers & how we can best protect them when traveling in the car.




What the law is NSW states

It is vital to make sure all your passengers, four-legged ones included, are secured when you are driving. In NSW, drivers are legislated by the following:

  • Pets must be seated or housed in the appropriate area of the vehicle.
    EzyDog Drive Car Safety Restraint for Dogs
  • Pets must be restrained in a motor vehicle.
  • If a dog is injured because it was unrestrained, the owner can face heavy fines and a jail sentence.
  • Carrying a dog unrestrained in the back of a ute also comes with heavy fines.
  • Motorists must not drive a vehicle with an animal on their lap or anywhere that prevents them from having proper control of the car.

 Benefits of Restraining your dog in the car

Aside from abiding by the law, restraining your dog in the car provides several safety benefits, both to the dog and passengers:

  • By having your dog secure, you as a driver will be less distracted
  • If  an accident did occur, your dog is less likely to become a projectile
  • Your dog will be unable to jump out of a window or suffer an injury if its head is out of the window.

One statistic that is rarely mentioned is the number of dogs that are killed or injured each year when travelling unrestrained. The shock and trauma for unrestrained dogs after an accident can see them becoming a danger to other road users if they were to escape.

 You could consider placing the dog, especially if it is a small dog in a pet carrier. This has the added advantage of containing any accidents as well. Cats travel well in a pet carrier, adding a light cover over the top will provide an added sense of security for them. Most carriers can have a seat belt placed through them.

What are the best options for restraining your dog in a car?

Not all car safety products are created equally, in fact, the only harness that has been road tested to Australian Standards (and passed them) is the EzyDog Drive Harness!

  1. EzyDog Drive Harness - The only dog harness that has been crash
    Seat belt to harness attachment for dogs
  2. Harness to Car seat attachment  This seat belt restraint attaches to the D-Ring of your dog's harness to keep them restrained, whilst still letting them sit or lay down comfortably   
  3. Car carrier Pet one Carrier, also suitable for domestic air travel
  4. Booster seat - Suitable for smaller dogs, provides visibility out of windows & is compatible with harness

Other road safety tips when traveling with dogs

Elevated Booster Seat For Dogs

 Take frequent breaks. This is a great idea for yourself as well as your pet. Always provide fresh water for them and allow them to stretch their legs. Ensure that they are on a lead  when  taking a break and that their pet ID tag is up-to-date.

keep motion sickness at bay by maintaining a constant temperature of about 22 degrees. Short frequent trips can build up your dog's tolerance to travel sickness. Always keep a pack of waste bags, water bowl & bottle,  wipes, and a towel in your car. If your pet still suffers there are natural remedies you can try. Read here for more information on managing  motion sickness in pets.

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