Ever considered a reptile as a pet?

When you think of pets, common images involve fur, feathers and fins. There is however, a group of pets that do not fit this mold and they are reptiles and

Long Neck Turtles

amphibians. This group of pets are the fastest growing part of the pet industry world wide and are increasing in popularity every year.

Many people are turning to these types of pets because they make little noise, can be housed in fairly small enclosures and require limited care compared to traditional pets. Knowing where to start is simple, to own a reptile in New South Wales, you must first obtain a reptile keepers licence from Service NSW - Parks & Wildlife. There are several different classes of license depending on how experienced you are and what reptile you are planning on keeping. A companion animal keeper licence is required for people who want to keep just one individual native animal (restricted to certain types of species). With this licence you will be able to keep a reptile such as a blue tongue lizard, children’s or carpet python, bearded dragons and also long and short neck turtles. We have copies of the licensce application at the store so if you would like a copy just drop in or you can apply online here. If you are planning on keeping a frog, a separate amphibian keeper’s license is required.

Reptiles live for many years (in some cases twenty or more) so ensure you know this before making a decision on what reptile to own. Depending on the species you decide on it could literally be a pet for life! We have some great pet care guides   to get you started and there are many good books on reptile care and ownership or you could join a reptile and amphibian society. Information on these groups is available on the departments current species list.

Pet Lizard

Once you have decided on what reptile you would like to keep, you should do some research and find out what type of environment they require to live a long and healthy life. Reptiles and amphibians should be housed in special reptile enclosures. The set up required varies depending on what type of reptile you are planning to house, but a basic setup should consist of a glass aquarium or specific reptile tank, a heat source and a lighting source, we are happy to advise you on this as you need to keep in mind how big your new pet will grow when purchasing a set up! These are all available in the store. Most reptiles are easy to feed and there are many commercial foods on the market that make feeding quick and convenient. Many lizards and amphibians accept crickets and other insects whilst snakes are fed on frozen rodents. We carry a complete range of these foods in both stores.

Meal worms

With your setup in place, it is time to source your pet. We are one of the few pet stores licensed to sell reptiles in NSW. We  stock a great range of reptiles & can offer you advice on their care & suitability. For further information about the cold & your pet, call in & see us in the store, or email us:

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