Best Indoor Cat Toys for 2021-2022


Cats are one of the most adaptable pets that have evolved! Designed for hunting on small prey, cats play havoc on our natural environment and should be kept indoors. To ensure your kitty adapts to the indoor lifestyle here are our top 10 toys to ensure their natural  cat behaviours are enriched.

No 10. The Catit 2.0 Senses Grass Planter

While not a toy, we feel that this is worthy of mentioning in terms of the overallCatit Senses Grass Stationhealth of your indoor kitty. Pet grass is important to healthy functioning digestive systems in cats. Cats love to eat their greens and providing your kitty with cat grass will help prevent hairballs.

The Catit Senses 2.0 is a steady based planter that allows you to sprout your own cat grass for your cat. Seed is sold separately.

No 9. Pet One Moo-Nicorn Plush Toy

Play is an important behaviour to enrich your cat's routine. This fun Pet One Plush Moo-Nicorn with Feather Toy Feather Moon-icorn cat toywill provide entertainment as well as physical and mental stimulation for your kitty cat!
Featuring various textures, shapes and noises, each toy from this range will retain  the scent of your pet and keep them coming back to snuggle and play.


No 8. Cat Dangler Toys

 A great range to collect & bring out on rotation for your cat. By engaging with your pet during play, you will strengthen your bond!

Cats love play that involves chasing, & hunting. With natural leather to entice your cat, the Purrfect Leather cat Dangler toy will turn on your kitties natural instincts as you join in & entertain your cat for hours.

It is the perfect cat toy for exercise and stimulation, as its natural elements help promote instinctive hunting and playing behaviours all in the safety of your own home.

No 7. Phoenix Cat Scratch Board

We love this scratching board for the 2 tunnels that your cat can play, hide or rest in. 

Cat Scratcher Board

Ergonomically designed, the Phoenix Cat Scratcher is compact and practical in its design. No matter how big an area you have, there is sure to be a place in your house for this.



No 6. Catit Senses Food Digger

Watch your kitty work for their food using this slow feeder - Catit Senses 2.0 Digger. Stimulates activity, reduces binge eating and aids in digestion. place kibble or treats into the tubes for your cat to smell and paw out!

 No 5. Catit Senses Roundabout Spinner

The Catit Spinner, a great choice in toys for independent play

Oh the fun your kitty cat will have with the interactive Catit Senses Roundabout Spinner Toy! Turn on your cats natural instincts as the catnip enriched balls spin and light up to keep your kitties attention. Multiple openings allow your cat to paw and touch the ball and spend hours attempting to hunt out those pesky balls! A great toy to have for independent play when you are away.

No 4.

No 4. Catnip Spray

Aristopet Catnip Spray is a concentrated catnip oil, extracted from the

Catnip spray for toys

catnip plant (Nepata Cataria). The active ingredient, nepetalactone, stimulates play

and exercise in cats. Ideal to spray on your kitties plush toys!

The pump bottle makes application a breeze and saves you the trouble of trying to do some catnip spray DIY at home. Safe for all ages from kitten to senior.

No 3. Happy Habitat for  Outdoors

Provide some Outdoor escape for your kitty

Allow your indoor cat to experience some outdoors in a safe and contained manner.
Portable, sturdy and well ventilated, the happy cat habitat will become a regular kitty activity.
Simple to assemble and secures in the ground with included stakes. When not in use, fold the tent away and store in a nylon bag.


No 2. Catit Wave Circuit

Watch this video if you still need convincing! This Wave Circuit Cat toy will turn on your cats seeking behaviour as they chase & attempt to grab the ball. Another great choice for independent play.


No 1. Kazoo 2 Chambers Den

Kazoo Cat Den - 2 Chambers with toy!

This is a winner on so many levels! Not only is this a sturdy, well made & high quality product for its price, the cat den is multifunctional.

A quality hide away for that catnap or rest. The den provides 2 secure environments for your kitty as well as a scratch resistant exterior & plush lined interior.

The outer shell is designed for your kitty to scratch & climb & there is a dangler toy in the upper level. Real value for money!


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