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Catit Pixi Smart Mouse Camera Unit
Catit Pixi Smart Mouse Camera Unit
Catit Pixi Smart Mouse Camera Unit

Catit Pixi Smart Mouse Camera Unit


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The latest and best pet video camera on the market will set your mind at ease for those times that you can't be home.
The Catit Pixi Smart Mouse camera allows you to track and monitor your dog, pup, cat or kitten inside your house anytime. Tune in to see their antics in high definition. The camera will function using infrared night vision as well as day vision in full real-time HD colour.
This smart pet camera has a 360-degree rotation to capture all aspects of your pet.
Pixi Smart Camera features a sonic two-way audio system so you will be able to both hear and speak to your pet.
The camera has built-in Wi-Fi to enable you to receive motion notifications and take photos to capture those cute moments you would otherwise miss.
The Cait Pixi Smart Video Camera is ideal for being able to check in on your pet when:
-You are at work
-Spending a night away from home
-You need to see what your pet is up to when you are not there
-your pet suffers from separation anxiety or a medical condition that requires monitoring
Add an SD card to the camera unit and you can record and playback when required. No wonder this pet video camera has had great reviews throughout 2022!
• Manual 360-degree rotation
• Two way audio
• Built in infrared night vision and HD full colour surveillance camera quality daytime vision
• Magnetised feet
• Built in wifi
• Resolution 1080p (1920x1080) HD
• Height 98mm Width 70mm
• Power 5V 1A Adaptor USB
• Australian Plug
• White in colour