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Bioscape Nano Moss Terrarium - 175 Rounded

Bioscape Nano Moss Terrarium - 175 Rounded


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Growing a beautiful indoor terrarium is now a whole lot easier with the introduction of the Bioscape Nano Moss 175 Rounded Terrarium. Constructed from crystal clear glass, the terrarium features a 6500 K LED 3-watt plant growth light with an innovative adjustable ventilation top to ensure the correct humidity is maintained for your plants. The LED Chips are housed behind a diffusor to ensure that light is spread evenly throughout the terrarium.
Bioscape Makes it Easy to Build the Perfect Garden Paludarium, Terrarium or Vivarium!

Lacking inspiration?
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- Total Volume 3.5 ltrs
- 17.5cm wide
- 24.5cm Height
- 9cm diameter opening at the top
- The lamp emits 130 lumens approx.
- Light fixture is constructed from aluminum & is anodized.
- 1.5 mtr cable