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Total Pet PlaqueAway 85g
Total Pet PlaqueAway 85g

Total Pet PlaqueAway 85g


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PlaqueAway is suitable for dogs and cats and is recommended for use daily as a preventative and as a way of reducing and assisting with symptoms of dental disease and gum health. Simply administer PlaqueAway to your pets food according to the weight of your pet.

As any pet owner will tell you, doggy breath is no laughing matter! Sometimes the cause of this can be equally unpleasant for our pets as well. PlaqueAway reduces oral plaque and bad breath whilst keeping your pet's teeth and gums clean and healthy. Used as a preventative daily treatment, PlaqueAway will greatly reduce the risk of periodontal disease which affects 80% of mature dogs & cats.

For further information on managing dental disease in pets, read our blog.

PlaqueAway is a convenient & easy to use powder. Simply add the recommended dose, based off your pet's weight, into their food daily.

Please refer to the back of the product for the recommended quantity. Results can be seen 6-8 weeks after using PlaqueAway.

TotalPet is a local Australian company - right here in the Southern Highlands of NSW! All ingredients used in TotalPet supplements are 100% natural, ethically sourced and they work towards holistically supporting the health of your dog or cat. All products are vet approved.