Total Pet MultiPlus 70g
Total Pet MultiPlus 70g

Total Pet MultiPlus 70g


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MultiPlus is suitable for dogs and cats as an everyday all natural supplement to improve and maintain wellness and a strong immune system. These essential vitamins and minerals are best added to your pets food. Dosage is based on the weight of your pet.

This all natural supplement naturally improves your pet's health and gives their immune system a kick start with essential vitamins and minerals. In much the same way that we use multivitamin, MultiPlus has been designed for dogs and cats to be used in the same way. This multivitamin is perfect to boost overall wellness and health in your dog or cat using all natural ingredients.

MultiPlus is recommended for daily use. Simply administer the recommended powderd dose, based off the pet's weight into their food.

Please refer to the back of the product for the recommended quantity.

TotalPet is a local Australian company - right here in the Southern Highlands of NSW! All ingredients used in TotalPet supplements are 100% natural, ethically sourced and they work towards holistically supporting the health of your dog or cat. All products are vet approved.