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Total Pet AllergyShield 65g
Total Pet AllergyShield 65g

Total Pet AllergyShield 65g


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TotalPet AllergyShield
Created for dogs and cats suffering from allergies and inflammation. AlleryShield is a natural supplement that may provide relief from this pain and associated discomfort. AllergyShield is best used daily and dosage is based on the weight of your pet. As a powder simply sprinkle over your pets food.

A supplement that has been created to protect dogs and cats from allergies. This natural based supplement can strengthen your pets immune system through the use of a combination of effective antioxidants. AllergyShield can assist with calming inflamed joints as well. It's anti-inflammatory properties sooth inflamed joints and can be beneficial to both dog and cats.

AllergyShield is easy to administer. Simply add the recommended dose into your pet's food daily, based off their weight.

Please refer to the back of the product for the recommended quantity.
TotalPet is a local Australian company - right here in the Southern Highlands of NSW! All ingredients used in TotalPet supplements are 100% natural, ethically sourced and they work towards holistically supporting the health of your dog or cat. All products are vet approved.