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PURRfect Wild Hemp Cat Toy
PURRfect Wild Hemp Cat Toy

PURRfect Wild Hemp Cat Toy

Purrfect Cat

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Natural hemp cord and natural feathers ensure that the PURRfect Wild Hemp cat dangler toy is 100% safe for your cat to play with. The long, flexible wand, hemp cord and feather dangle combine to make the PURRfect cat toy for exercise and interaction. Play with your feline friend, bond with them while they practice their instinctive hunting and playing behaviors in a safe, controlled environment, in a way only cat toys on a string can let you do.
The brightly coloured, natural feathers and hemp cord that make up this dangle will instantly entice your pet, providing them with hours of fun and mental stimulation.
To keep your cat extra interested, this toy should be put away after each use.