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Sooth itchy skin with Itchy Scratch spray. Suitable for all skin types

Natural Animal Solutions ItchyScratch 100ml spray

Natural Animal Solutions

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 A completely natural product for skin and hot spots!

Itching, scratching and biting are three of the most common symptoms facing pet parent’s today, which can leave your pet in serious discomfort.

ItchyScratch is one of our most popular products and is constantly rated 5/5 for effectiveness. At Natural Animal Solutions we combine the finest plant extracts and natural ingredients with Aluminium acetate solution to create a fast-acting cortisone free spray which is easy to use, and safe for use on all skin types and conditions.

Give your cat or dog welcome results today.

Key features:

  • Fast acting formula provides results within minutes
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 5-star product reviews
  • Weight: 100ml