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Who We're supporting


  Southern Highlands Hawks JAFC    

  Southern Highlands Hawkes JAFC       

We Know Pets is delighted to support the Southern Highlands Hawkes JAFC.  The Hawks are a junior AFL club, the only one in the Highlands.The  club participates in  the Illawarra competition & provides skills and training in AFL for children aged 5-13 years. AFL is a great sport that  allows children to realise their sporting potential and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Australian Raptor Care and Conservation

ARRC are a local not for profit organisation that is dedicated to the care and conservation of  raptors. The group's aim is to maximise survival rates post release of these majestic raptors after rehabilitation occurs. At Christmas, We Know Pets presents 'Pet Selfies with Santa'. All proceeds go directly to ARRC so they can continue to grow & do what they do well. You can also get rid of any loose change in a collection box in our store. 
Pet Selfies with Santa